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Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

Emergency Medical Response is a dynamic 56-hour course featuring lecture, video, simulated emergency situations, discussion and hands-on skill practice based on the national EMS curriculum requirements and educational standards. Whether responding to hurricanes, terrorist attacks, or hazmat spills, officials need the tools and information to establish command and control, coordinate communication, evacuate citizens, and execute clean-up operations to protect human and wildlife populations and natural resources.

Formerly known as First Responder this course is designed to teach the student the skills needed to sustain life and prevent further injury until advanced help arrives. While EMR personnel do not provide primary care to patients being transported by ambulance they may be asked to assist during the transport of critically injured or ill patients. This course is also often required by some industries for their safety and response personnel.

What does this course teach?

  • History and introduction to EMS.

  • Scene Safety.

  • Health and Well-being.

  • Legal and Ethical Issues.

  • Lifting and Moving Patients.

  • Airway Management.

  • Patient Assessment.

  • Medical and Traumatic Emergencies.

  • Obstetrical Emergencies.


Who is it for?

Factory safety officers and response teams, police officers, firemen or other persons who routinely respond to emergency situations at work or in the community.

$600 Initial/ $300 Renewal

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